It may sound cliché, but it is true—age really doesn’t matter when it comes to a relationship. The best examples we can give you are the still going strong relationships of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and many other celebrity May-December hookups. It just proves that dating, hooking up or being in a relationship with a huge age difference is not really much of a big deal.

There is a growing number of women hooking up with older men and vice versa. Besides our darling celebrities in Hollywood, most of these affairs also happen at a one night stand website. For people who just want to hook up, a one night stand website is the perfect place to find the partner they prefer, regardless of age.

There really are people who prefer older men or women—there is no denying that fact. They prefer people who are more mature, and age doesn’t have to do anything with this. Maturity is based on wisdom and experience, and experience really counts when you hookup through a one night stand website. To have a higher success rate in dating the more “mature” people to hook up with, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

• Making Good Conversation

This is one of the more difficult parts of hooking up with an older date. Ask about his or her interests before meeting up so you can do a little research for conversation. You can even research on the place you are going to for your date. Most importantly, be yourself.

• Getting to Know Your Date

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Let him or her do more of the talking. Know the right questions to ask. Everybody loves a good listener. Don’t spill too much about yourself too. It leaves an air of mystery that most people love.

• Dressing Up Right

This is essential for a successful hook up. Dress appropriately according to the place you are going to and to who you are going with. If you are going to a fancy restaurant first, of course you wouldn’t wear something gothic. You should go with a nice evening dress that shows your best assets. Remember, always be confident.

• Be Yourself

This hasn’t been stressed enough. Whenever you are going out with somebody, just be yourself. Don’t be somebody you are not. It never works that way. Keep an open mind and let your date take you for who you are. It most certainly brings out confidence, which in turn makes you feel sexy.

Here are your four essential guidelines in hooking up with somebody older from a one night stand website. It’s pretty simple to follow so just relax, be yourself and have fun with the experience.