At some point in a girl’s life, she has had a thing for someone in the “thou shalt not touch” category her sorority sister’s ex, her best friend’s brother and has, according to the rules of our polite norms, done everything to stay away.  But if you think she wouldn’t dare cross that line, think again.  Due to its forbidden nature, the level of hotness from illicit hookups is often off the charts.  And when done right, the rewards can be worth all the risks.

     The Girl:  Your Roommate

I know a few couples who started out as roommates, which is solid evidence that this challenge can be taken on.  However, this can also stand as a warning:  Things can go from nothing to relationship status fast.  But if it’s just easy adult sex you’re after, a coed roommate can be a jackpot.  If in the event that you’re not too cordial with your roomie, it’s still easy to start getting intimate after a night out.

The Move:  Adjust to her schedule so you can have time to bond.  Does she get up early in the morning to do Pilates?  Wake up to make coffee.  If she likes to watch “The Voice,” start making it your new show.

Danger Element:  Any awkwardness can only last as long as your lease.

     The Girl:  Your Girlfriend’s Sister

It’s a major guilt factor to destroy a blood bond, but the good news is it’s very difficult to do.  Younger siblings are likely to have a chip on their shoulder from many years of comparison to the big sister, so a good strategy involves telling her how smart, gorgeous, and funny she is and you might be in for a treat.  Or she just might be psycho, in which case you won’t have to do much.

The Move:  Sibs can be ferociously competitive, so work on that and just hope it’s worth all the ensuing chaos.

Danger Element:  Cross the sisters and you might have to deal with the father.

     The Girl:  Your Intern

Having adult sex with a colleague is not uncommon, but it is much riskier when she is under your company position.  Still, you’re in luck because women are so into men who are in a position of power.  Moreover, the inherent possibility for scandal can actually be a turn on for many women.  She may even want people to find out because it can make her feel superior over her colleagues that her boss took a huge risk to choose her almost felt like approval for a job well done.

The Move:  Make her feel like she’s part of the group:  Ask her out along with more established coworkers, and give her legitimate work to do.  However, check company policy first nobody wants to be labeled as a harassing scumbag.

Danger Element:  Smokin’ hot assistant versus steady employment.  Hmmm